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     Donday wants all of our new puppy owners and any re home dogs owners to know that we are doing everything that we can to produce healthy puppy's and dogs.  
   On our home page we show the different series of test that we do to everyone of our dogs.      
   We breed for health, longevity, structure and soundness, because of this you might think our dogs are going to be bigger, this is further from the truth, at eight weeks the weight chart indicated adult hood, to be within the standard. (5 to 8 pounds)
  We don't let anyone view  our puppies until two weeks after they have received their second set of shots and worming,even then we ask every one new to remove their shoes, and spray their feet. 
We summit all of our puppy's  DNA samples to UC Davis for the Genetic Diversity Study, for the Biewer Breed, and all of our dogs have been DNA profiled with DDC. 
  Donday is proud to be the main factors of getting the Breed that is known as the Biewer, Biewer Yorkshire Terrier,  Biewer Terrier  and now the Biewer ( Biro) entered into this study.   For more information about this study and what it means to you as a owner please  feel free to contact us. 
    At the age of 14 weeks it is a very busy time for our puppies, they receive the final set of puppy shots and worming, receive their final health check from our vet and we Micro Chipped them, now and only now, we feel that our puppies are ready to meet their new family and share a long and happy life with them.
    In the Dog World this is a very young Breed, and this is why we are  active members with the  Better Breed program. 
    Donday strives to do everything that we can to improve and promote this amazing breed 

        Donday is happy to announce that we just added a different female to our family , we have  received all of her test  results back  and truly feel that she has a lot to offer our lines. 
  Since we just breed our pairs once, our next litters are not going to be until  this fall.  
  We hope everyone has a GREAT and SAFE SUMMER  and we'll see you this FALL !!!